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Mom’s Recipe for Becoming a Mediator
Mom’s Recipe for Becoming a Mediator

"At the end of March, right before our spring break we had a visitor at our school. We liked Pavel immediately, because due to the meeting with him we skipped Algebra that day... The learning process was fun and easy-going, without all the stress that we often have at school. Everybody had a chance to speak up and others listened him or her. I felt respect towards myself and my thoughts. Every day I woke up at 5 am, even though the training started only at 9 am… I was happy to meet such great people that shared their knowledge, knew how to listen to others and provide support..." - Student form the Mariupol School #63.

Why Not?
Why Not?

"Every training that we conducted, every mediation brought us some challenges. I won’t lie to you that we coped with them right away without any troubles. Of course, it took some time and a lot of efforts to improve our competency; we analyzed our lessons learned, gained more experience, and we got the needed results! In my opinion, the most rewarding aspect of mediators’ work is to see smiling faces of the people that you were able to help, who learned something and made their conclusions." - Rehina Kryzhanivska, School #27, Mariupol.

A Drop in the Ocean
A Drop in the Ocean

"The issue of conflict is crucial, and it depends on us whether we will make the right decision. A wrong way out may have some negative consequences; therefore, we decided to tell students how they can solve their conflicts, so that they don’t lead to tears and sad outcomes." - Olha Vertypolokh, Mariupol School #4 Specialized in Specific Subjects. 


SHSP in numbers

Number of School Mediation Centres in Ukraine (05.2017) 29
Conducted mediations (09.2016) 62
Restorative Circles (from 05.2016 till 10.2016) 1149
Taught mediators (from 05.2016 till 05.2017) 260
Taught School Mediation Centres coordinators (from 05.2016 till 05.2017) 26
Number of people who learned about restorative practices at School Mediation Centres (from 05.2016 till 05.2017) 8000

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